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aleteapeparrus icq 572593358 is RIPPER!!!!

Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем Iceburg, .

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  1. Iceburg

    Iceburg New Member

    Paid him 25$ WMZ for his so called 150 euros UKASH vouchers from his store in spain which he supposively selling, He told me to send him additional 13$ to complete it to 25 euros because I was using WMZ not WME so in the end he was like ok here is the voucher and don't come back to me, And I checked it and guess what? Yes exactly it was a FAKE INVALID voucher and than he was like I'm sending ur money back and BANG!!! He went offline. Please give him a ripper status and ban him. Here are the logs. His icq is 572593358 and nick on the forum is aleteapeparrus. I wonder how people make a living out of this 25$ lol

    (5:01:15 PM) vietnamlover: im here
    (5:02:06 PM) vietnamlover: for nothing else
    (5:02:27 PM) vietnamlover: you dont have to buy from me, i offer a service, thats all.
    (5:11:52 PM) 268240831: Than why did u lie that ask support about u, He purchased from u which infact he did'nt? :)
    (5:12:15 PM) vietnamlover: ???
    (5:12:20 PM) vietnamlover: read your logs buddy
    (5:12:29 PM) vietnamlover: i told you to use escrow
    (5:12:33 PM) vietnamlover: and talk to support
    (5:13:10 PM) 268240831: Who purchased from u on the forum?
    (5:13:18 PM) 268240831: I mean who purchased UKASH from u on the forum?
    (5:13:41 PM) vietnamlover: i dont know their names on forum
    (5:13:50 PM) vietnamlover: but more than 50 on icq
    (5:14:17 PM) 268240831: Man I guess u don't take me as serious as I'm serious to do business.
    (5:14:28 PM) 268240831: I can even purchase 500k euro UKASH vouchers ALL of em.
    (5:14:37 PM) 268240831: 500*
    (5:14:55 PM) vietnamlover: show me how serious you are buying and ill give you our number to the store, and all you want
    (5:15:07 PM) vietnamlover: i beleive you are serious
    (5:15:14 PM) vietnamlover: i never doubt it
    (5:15:37 PM) 268240831: If u did'nt doubt it than howcome u were'nt online at 11am dublin time?
    (5:16:42 PM) vietnamlover: because i wasnt in the store, had to do something in the bank.
    (5:18:03 PM) vietnamlover: do you want or not, i have people here that are asking
    (5:19:04 PM) vietnamlover: i just want to give you the edge, if you want fine , if not ill sell them
    (5:19:15 PM) 268240831: I'll buy it from u in few hrs.
    (5:19:28 PM) vietnamlover: lol, and you wanted me here before??
    (5:19:32 PM) vietnamlover: for what??
    (5:19:41 PM) 268240831: U did'nt showed up on the time.
    (5:19:47 PM) 268240831: That made me start doubting u as well.
    (5:20:14 PM) vietnamlover: now i dont beleive you. sorry but if someone comes up and wants them i will sell them today

    (5:20:34 PM) vietnamlover: i live out of this
    (5:20:49 PM) 268240831: Some ppl even live out of ripping :)
    (5:21:56 PM) vietnamlover: ok, enough, i have given u all chances possible and even told u to use escrow. find someone else. bye my friend
    (5:22:25 PM) 268240831: Why did u got offended? Did I said that ur a ripper?
    (5:22:44 PM) vietnamlover: u dont go to the point, im busy anyway. bye
    (5:22:52 PM) 268240831: Give me ur WMZ.
    (5:23:06 PM) 268240831: I'll buy 1 from u right away.
    (5:23:15 PM) vietnamlover: no, dont worry
    (5:23:16 PM) 268240831: if its good, I'll buy ALL right away.
    (5:24:03 PM) 268240831: How do u expect a person to trust u who is a new to this forum and in business?
    (5:24:29 PM) 268240831: I have the WMZ arranged, But it's ok, Give me ur WMZ. I'll send right away.
    (5:25:10 PM) 268240831: I meant ur new as u don't have any rep or feedback on the forum about ur services, Usually sellers have feedbacks.
    (5:27:15 PM) 268240831: So ur not interested anymore when I loaded my WMZ because to buy all the vouchers from u.
    (5:27:26 PM) vietnamlover: ok
    (5:27:33 PM) vietnamlover: what do you want please by precise
    (5:28:00 PM) vietnamlover: you want 1 500 ?
    (5:28:50 PM) 268240831: That I'll buy as well, Right now I'll send u 25 WMZ to purchase 1 150 eu one to verify u, If the voucher is good.
    (5:28:58 PM) vietnamlover: ok
    (5:29:02 PM) 268240831: I'll buy em all 1 by 1.
    (5:29:05 PM) 268240831: Give me ur WMZ.
    (5:29:13 PM) 268240831: I'll send u RIGHT AWAY!!!
    (5:29:22 PM) vietnamlover: Z307652474947
    (5:29:38 PM) 268240831: What msg with it ?
    (5:29:51 PM) vietnamlover: memo: banner 1 month
    (5:30:24 PM) 268240831: In how much time u'll give me the voucher?
    (5:30:31 PM) vietnamlover: 10 min
    (5:30:36 PM) 268240831: Ok good enough.
    (5:30:38 PM) 268240831: Wait.
    (5:30:42 PM) vietnamlover: ok
    (5:44:47 PM) vietnamlover: i see you havent sent anything yet, DONT send, no more 150 vouchers available today.
    (5:44:57 PM) vietnamlover: You probably are some type of informer
    (5:45:05 PM) 268240831: I'm not a fucking informer.
    (5:45:07 PM) vietnamlover: you act weird

    (5:45:12 PM) 268240831: My WMZ window got frozen.
    (5:45:17 PM) 268240831: It's being reloaded.
    (5:45:33 PM) vietnamlover: how old r u?
    (5:45:37 PM) vietnamlover: be honest
    (5:45:40 PM) 268240831: 24
    (5:45:44 PM) vietnamlover: ok
    (5:45:46 PM) vietnamlover: cool
    (5:46:03 PM) 268240831: Whats cool about my age?
    (5:46:13 PM) vietnamlover: your age
    (5:46:18 PM) vietnamlover: im same frame
    (5:46:33 PM) 268240831: Bro I'm only concerned with business.
    (5:46:38 PM) 268240831: Wait to get paid from WMZ.
    (5:46:48 PM) vietnamlover: only nigerians say bro
    (5:47:07 PM) 268240831: Bro don't annoy me.
    (5:47:28 PM) 268240831: I'm not a racist but not even a nigerian or even african.
    (5:48:19 PM) vietnamlover: i dont have any 150 vouchers available to make. If you wnt the 500 you can use escrow and that way feel safe about your purchase
    (5:48:28 PM) vietnamlover: no need to send money now
    (5:48:39 PM) 268240831: Bro ur such a waste of time honestly.
    (5:48:43 PM) vietnamlover: you can use escrow. i only have 7
    (5:48:47 PM) vietnamlover: do it quick!!!
    (5:48:52 PM) vietnamlover: and you will have it
    (5:48:58 PM) vietnamlover: u r the slow
    (5:49:03 PM) 268240831: What u have 7?
    (5:49:09 PM) vietnamlover: of the 500
    (5:49:21 PM) vietnamlover: those are 3rd party dealt
    (5:49:27 PM) vietnamlover: not made by us
    (5:50:04 PM) vietnamlover: for the 500 i give it to you right away
    (5:50:12 PM) 268240831: So I guess I'll purchase from u tomorrow.
    (5:50:13 PM) vietnamlover: they are already done
    (5:50:24 PM) vietnamlover: u r the waste of time, not me
    (5:50:35 PM) 268240831: Bro WTF is ur problem?
    (5:50:38 PM) vietnamlover: you say you can buy all vouchers and u cant even buy 1
    (5:50:43 PM) 268240831: I said i'll fucking buy ALL of ur 150 voucher.
    (5:50:45 PM) 268240831: vouchers*
    (5:50:56 PM) vietnamlover: ok
    (5:50:56 PM) 268240831: When I'm abt to pay ur like don't pay..
    (5:51:02 PM) 268240831: I have sold em.
    (5:51:09 PM) vietnamlover: show me you have it
    (5:51:10 PM) 268240831: U fucking know I was online here waiting for u to come online.
    (5:51:13 PM) 268240831: But u did'nt.
    (5:51:13 PM) vietnamlover: ill make a 150
    (5:51:30 PM) vietnamlover: i shouldnt cause ive made more than i should
    (5:51:34 PM) vietnamlover: but ill make 1
    (5:51:41 PM) vietnamlover: im doing now
    (5:52:02 PM) vietnamlover: pay and ill give it to you right away, if not ill leave
    (5:52:04 PM) vietnamlover: ok?
    (5:52:10 PM) vietnamlover: im trying to be reasonable
    (5:52:11 PM) 268240831: I'm paying, DON'T leave.
    (5:52:16 PM) vietnamlover: ok
    (5:54:40 PM) 268240831: Sent.
    (5:54:44 PM) 268240831: Check ur WMZ.
    (5:55:02 PM) vietnamlover: let me see

    (5:55:22 PM) vietnamlover: what purse did you send to?
    (5:55:34 PM) 268240831: Z307652474947
    (5:56:24 PM) vietnamlover: yo have sent 25$, not euro
    (5:57:50 PM) 268240831: I can get u MORE of it right away bro and plus buy 500 vouchers all of em.
    (5:58:12 PM) vietnamlover: send me the rest
    (5:58:16 PM) 268240831: Paste me the voucher, I want to verify it so we continue buying 1 by 1 right away.
    (5:58:33 PM) vietnamlover: send the other 13$
    (5:58:40 PM) vietnamlover: and ill give it to you
    (5:58:46 PM) vietnamlover: 633718011
    (5:58:50 PM) vietnamlover: thats half
    (5:58:54 PM) vietnamlover: like you are doing
    (6:01:34 PM) 268240831: Bro ur one arrogant guy.
    (6:01:45 PM) 268240831: I'd say stubborn.
    (6:01:51 PM) vietnamlover: please dont keep on wasting my time
    (6:02:05 PM) vietnamlover: im being nice to you . so stop FUCKING me ok?
    (6:02:10 PM) vietnamlover: do u understand kid?
    (6:02:15 PM) 268240831: Being nice to me?
    (6:02:21 PM) 268240831: Did u gave me the voucher yet?
    (6:02:26 PM) vietnamlover: you want to pay or not?
    (6:02:37 PM) vietnamlover: im giving your money back
    (6:02:44 PM) vietnamlover: im done with you . bye
    (6:04:35 PM) vietnamlover: 633718011 819534410 8
    (6:04:41 PM) vietnamlover: all for you FREE
    (6:04:53 PM) vietnamlover: dont come back please. Thank you
    (6:09:49 PM) 268240831: The voucher is NOT VALID!!!
    (6:10:07 PM) 268240831: lol
    (6:10:13 PM) 268240831: So as I suspected u are a ripper.
    (6:10:43 PM) vietnamlover: what
    (6:10:50 PM) vietnamlover: im returning your money
    (6:10:56 PM) vietnamlover: as i see you are a joke
    (6:11:56 PM) 268240831: It's fake NOT VALID!!!!
  2. Panther

    Panther New Member

    aleteapeparrus - RIPPER
    Iceburg - RIPPER( Ripper)
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