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[Community Alert] Someone impostering gangsterz ICQ 317825726 LR U4995093

Тема в разделе "Stolen UIN - ICQ Number, Clones, Hijacking contact", создана пользователем Hesham3del, .

  1. Hesham3del

    Hesham3del Member


    And again the series of scamming with the name of successful sellers continues

    My client discovered gangsterz imposter when I advised him to buy Amex fullz.

    ICQ 317825726
    LR U4995093

    Other topics related to that ICQ


    Please, do this as a safty precautions

    1- Ask for PM verification
    2- Try to ask about seller's ICQ and LR account
    3- Research about the seller and see his rep, and see whatever reps is from reputable members or not.

    Thank you for the understanding and I will tell gangsterz about this now.