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[Community Alert] Someone impostering me and other sellers ICQ 317825726

Тема в разделе "Stolen UIN - ICQ Number, Clones, Hijacking contact", создана пользователем Hesham3del, .

  1. Hesham3del

    Hesham3del Member


    I was shocked today when one of my clients told me that I have two ICQ

    I was never thinking of scamming anybody because my captial is my name here and not the money.

    With my name and the trustiness I build into people, I can lend and have already lended when I'm broke.

    But what is more important for me is, why shall I scam ?! I hate scammers and if they think more about it, they can make more than triple and more of what they scam if they was "legit"

    So back into topic

    My client told me that the imposter ICQ is 317825726 and his LR is U2757488

    and he used my name which is "Hesham3del" and not "Hesham_3del"

    My real name is Hesham_3del, but here at c.pro I coudln't get the password for "Hesham_3del" so I decided to use "Hesham3del"

    and all people who deal with me, see my name in ICQ "Hesham_3del"

    My ONLY icq is 620XXX306
    My ONLY LR is U839XX84

    and I'm always encouraging people to use escrow and never made up any stories.

    My client was clever and he didn't pay him any cent, because the imposter refused to use escrow and made up stories.

    By doing a quick research, he tried to act as "Jim" in his topic here


    and you can talk a look at these replies


    Thank you

    Please, do this as a safty precautions

    1- Ask for PM verification
    2- Try to ask about seller's ICQ and LR account
    3- Research about the seller and see his rep, and see whatever reps is from reputable members or not.

    Thank you all again
    Последнее редактирование: 9 дек 2012
  2. dade59

    dade59 Member

    I hate Ripper. Vouch you Hesham3del
  3. Lung

    Lung Администратор

    MOved to stolen icq parts.

    And ALLWAYS use PM authorisation on forum before doing any deals, so you can see with who you REALLY dealing.