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Craigmix0 - Timewaster - Ripper

Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем lala, .

  1. lala

    lala Active Member

    0. icq 468425901

    1. Craigmix0

    2. Here is picture of product I made for him

    This user waste my time and energy to make his product.

    We agreed that after I send picture of finished product that he would send me my WU and then I would proceed to ship product.

    Now this guy is going back on our deal and I am sitting here with wasted supplies and time which = him ripping me of my money.

    9:46:07 PM Atmosphere: you message me asking for ID's
    7:28:18 AM Atmosphere: how can I help you
    7:28:24 AM craigmix0: what is you name on carder, pro.....need DL, what states? how much? how I pay? need ship in you have some jpeg to see models
    7:28:24 AM craigmix0: ?
    7:28:49 AM Atmosphere: Pennyslvania only at the time. 150 per ID
    7:28:57 AM Atmosphere: you can pay me via western union or LR
    7:29:00 AM Atmosphere: whichever is easier
    7:29:07 AM Atmosphere: I ship within usa
    7:29:13 AM Atmosphere: priority or express
    7:29:17 AM Atmosphere: you cover shipping fees
    7:29:34 AM Atmosphere: it looks exactly like pennsylvania drivers license.
    7:29:56 AM Atmosphere:
    7:30:12 AM craigmix0: ok, and what is your id on carder, to see if u are legit
    7:30:17 AM Atmosphere: lala
    7:30:27 AM craigmix0: ok
    7:30:35 AM craigmix0: with WU
    7:30:39 AM Atmosphere: sure thing
    [COLOR="yellow"]7:30:51 AM craigmix0: send me info, and I send after the pic[/COLOR]
    7:31:06 AM Atmosphere: how many ID you want
    7:31:06 AM craigmix0: with the face what I want and info on it
    7:31:10 AM Atmosphere: please
    7:31:19 AM craigmix0: let me try one first...and if is ok
    7:31:19 AM Atmosphere: send me all information to ove*****
    7:31:22 AM craigmix0: then 10
    7:31:26 AM Atmosphere: lol
    7:31:40 AM craigmix0: how much is one?
    7:31:55 AM craigmix0: tell me first the price
    7:32:01 AM craigmix0: why lol?
    7:32:07 AM Atmosphere: same shit all newbies say. just send me picture and all info you want to email
    7:32:40 AM Atmosphere: ill print and have pic for you
    7:32:58 AM Atmosphere: its 150 + shipping
    7:33:14 AM Atmosphere: do you not read my thread...?
    7:34:37 AM craigmix0: Yes,,agree I buy only one first time....  no newbies here....need info to send WU..and after I send all details in your emai (pic and info driver)
    7:34:39 AM craigmix0: no
    7:34:46 AM craigmix0: I don't read your thread
    [COLOR="Red"]7:34:56 AM Atmosphere: send me info
    7:35:00 AM Atmosphere: I will print first for you
    7:35:07 AM Atmosphere: when I send you picture of final product
    7:35:12 AM Atmosphere: then we can talk WU
    7:35:18 AM craigmix0: ok 
    7:35:21 AM Atmosphere: sound fair?[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Yellow"]7:35:25 AM craigmix0: yes[/COLOR]
    7:35:33 AM craigmix0: let me 10 min to find info
    7:35:38 AM Atmosphere: make sure it is a passport style photo
    7:35:45 AM craigmix0: yes yes
    7:35:47 AM Atmosphere: take picture 10 ft away
    7:35:51 AM Atmosphere: flash on camera
    7:35:58 AM craigmix0: I have it
    7:36:05 AM Atmosphere: you'd be suprised how many people send me shit pictures bro
    7:36:12 AM craigmix0: 
    7:36:29 AM craigmix0: I'm sure..from vacation )) 
    7:36:34 AM Atmosphere: ha
    7:36:42 AM Atmosphere: sometimes worse
    7:36:43 AM craigmix0: or with the girlfriend
    7:36:44 AM craigmix0: 
    7:36:49 AM Atmosphere: anyways bro
    7:36:55 AM Atmosphere: i need to shower and start my day
    7:37:00 AM craigmix0: ok
    7:37:02 AM craigmix0: we speak later
    7:37:07 AM craigmix0: after I have all ready
    7:37:08 AM Atmosphere: i'll have the ID done in about 12 hours from now
    7:37:15 AM Atmosphere: from when you send me info
    7:37:23 AM craigmix0: perfect
    7:37:42 AM craigmix0: but in good is it? like the priginal
    7:37:45 AM craigmix0: 70%?
    7:37:55 AM craigmix0: have a percenr?
    7:38:05 AM Atmosphere: it does everything bro
    7:38:40 AM Atmosphere: I don't make promises because every situation is different for everybody… but a good friend of mine has gotten it past police and onto an airplane
    7:38:54 AM craigmix0: Great
    7:38:57 AM Atmosphere: but he is a very good talker
    7:39:01 AM Atmosphere: so I cant make promises
    7:39:14 AM Atmosphere: maybe you suck at talking with police… i dont know lol
    7:41:25 AM craigmix0: ok
    7:41:29 AM craigmix0: we speak later
    7:42:11 AM Atmosphere: ok
    7:42:16 AM Atmosphere: let me know when sent
    8:26:32 AM craigmix0: right now
    8:26:34 AM craigmix0: 2 min\
    8:29:26 AM craigmix0: bro
    8:29:36 AM craigmix0: the pictures what I have is not so good
    8:30:00 AM craigmix0: I sent but if you can't work with it . I send another one tomorrow
    8:30:04 AM craigmix0: let me know
    8:30:34 AM craigmix0: is not for me, like this I receive it from my man
    8:45:47 AM craigmix0: did u receive it?
    8:46:26 AM Atmosphere: yes
    8:46:29 AM Atmosphere: info is good
    8:46:42 AM Atmosphere: Ill get it done later tonught
    8:48:10 AM craigmix0: ok bro, and we speak after about payment, tell me about the in attachment? is ok? or I put my friend to make other
    8:50:47 AM Atmosphere: its good bro
    8:51:00 AM craigmix0: ok
    8:51:02 AM craigmix0: thanks
    8:51:05 AM craigmix0: we speak later
    2:56:04 PM Atmosphere: what is your name on
    2:56:06 PM Atmosphere: tell me
    3:02:35 PM craigmix0: why? we have a problem here? just wait until I find ssn cards from only dl only from PA?
    3:03:21 PM Atmosphere: I want to know your name
    3:03:26 PM Atmosphere: many people contact me
    3:03:33 PM Atmosphere: is easier to add to my contact list
    3:03:55 PM craigmix0: craigmix0
    3:04:48 PM Atmosphere: ok
    3:04:54 PM Atmosphere: when are you sending WU?
    3:05:01 PM craigmix0: I want to know if you have only PA
    3:05:50 PM Atmosphere: yes
    3:05:52 PM Atmosphere: I said this
    3:05:56 PM Atmosphere: I only have PA ID
    3:06:00 PM Atmosphere: and then you tell me
    3:06:04 PM Atmosphere: to make ID
    3:06:05 PM Atmosphere: send photo
    3:06:11 PM Atmosphere: and then you will send WU
    3:06:12 PM craigmix0: I don't save logs
    3:06:29 PM craigmix0: after I find somebody who make ssn cards... we speak, I contact you in a few days
    3:06:42 PM Atmosphere: nah
    3:06:44 PM Atmosphere: this is BS
    3:06:52 PM Atmosphere: im not here to wait around
    3:06:59 PM Atmosphere: I did my part of the deal
    3:07:18 PM craigmix0: you sell something ..ok?  I am a client, ok?
    3:08:09 PM Atmosphere: no no no
    3:08:19 PM Atmosphere: you tell me to make you an ID
    3:08:20 PM craigmix0: if I change my mind is my problem...AND you tell me..the dl is like ssn cards,,,and I need something with ssn
    3:08:23 PM Atmosphere: we agree on a rpice
    3:08:41 PM Atmosphere: I did not say DL = SSN
    3:08:56 PM craigmix0: the price is on carder. pro. we don;;t make agreement
    3:09:13 PM craigmix0: so..of I want to buy something I contact u
    3:09:32 PM craigmix0: and I hope in a few days..
    3:09:36 PM craigmix0: good bye
    3:09:47 PM Atmosphere: hey idiot
    3:09:52 PM Atmosphere: maybe blacklist for you
    3:09:57 PM craigmix0: ok
    3:09:58 PM Atmosphere: will make you think a little harder
    3:10:03 PM Atmosphere: you waste my time
    3:10:05 PM Atmosphere: energy
    3:10:06 PM Atmosphere: and money
    3:10:11 PM Atmosphere: I don't fuck around
    3:10:15 PM Atmosphere: and now you are wasting my time
    3:10:17 PM craigmix0: ignore for,u .u aren;t a seller, u are bad joke
    3:10:23 PM Atmosphere: okay idiot
    3:10:26 PM Atmosphere: im posting your pic too

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    Sorry for double post. my browser give bad gateway and do on accident. please delete other thread
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  2. TheRayMan

    TheRayMan Well-Known Member

    dude take down his fucking pic.....

    does not matter that he is a noob, he dont deserve jail time for that, thats got some info on there that is not right to post. I understand this is not my issue and he was an asshole but your best bet is to black out the info, how would you feel if your info was posted on a forum filled with police?
    Последнее редактирование: 29 окт 2012
  3. lala

    lala Active Member

    It's fake ID with fake info bro relax.
  4. craigmix0

    craigmix0 Member

    Lala, are you stupid? I give u a negative feedback...You give me something? Why I am a scamer asshole? take down the pic idiot nobody work like make me an example and I don't buy because I don't like your products..

    ---------- Сообщение добавлено в 10:58 PM ---------- Предыдущее сообщение размещено в 10:50 PM ----------

    ""This user waste my time and energy to make his product""......idiot make product after we (clients) pay...only you give me an example..I don't like your Dl is sheet...somebody is a scammer when receive something and he don't pay..
  5. TheRayMan

    TheRayMan Well-Known Member

    yes i understand, but pic is too much he should be marked ripper in my opinion but atleast blur it out regardless if he deserves it or not, be the bigger man no need to get to his level. but good luck with this one guys and lala, i hope you get the money that he made you waste.
  6. craigmix0

    craigmix0 Member

    TheRayMan ..I am not a ripper because I don't send the money and he don't send me nothing..he don't put all logs, I tell him, I need Dl with id ssn...and he told me is the same..after I look the picture I told him to WAIT until I find a ssn card....fes days BUT this idiot put this thread

    Lala .. how if I put western union info here what you give me? BUT in this world nobody put on forum, info, names, pics with the face ..IDIOT

    You can say waster but no ripper
  7. lala

    lala Active Member

    I have posted all logs... And have always been good to my customers.

    We both agreed that you would send payment after i proved to you that I printed your desired product.. You specifically said you would send WU payment after I had completed "Your" product.

    You rip me of resources and time that I could have used for my other customers.

    All you do is talk shit and have no logs to post?

    @Rayman, I take down pic for your sake :)
    Последнее редактирование: 30 окт 2012
  8. craigmix0

    craigmix0 Member

    I am agree about your time lose, I am not agree to put pics or info ..but no ripper.. was difficult for you to wait a few days? anyway for time lose and resources is enough a negative feedback..blacklist is for real rippers... I am disapointed
  9. lala

    lala Active Member

    I am serious about my work, business is business. If you agree my time is lost. Why not pay me my money and I will send you your product.
    Последнее редактирование: 30 окт 2012
  10. Lung

    Lung Администратор

    How much he owe u?