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KingofAsia ICQ 329714 / Jabber

Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем freeman2012, 18 окт 2012.

  1. <freeman2012

    freeman2012 Новичок

    Hello, today I want to report about member KingofAsia for having clones on this forum and using them to post self feedbacks.

    User ID on forum:
    His detected clone:

    Proof of its him:

    Proof of him giving feedback on his own thread:

    Please be careful and use forum escrow with this member at all times, meanwhile I want forum administration to have a look on this guy for possibly more clone accounts and also, punish him for his action he has made so far.
  2. <Lung

    Lung Администратор

    Proof is good, but can you tell me if he have open claims in blacklist section?
  3. <KingofAsia

    KingofAsia Member

    you dont have something else to do ?...
  4. <j

    jperkins75 Member

    also fake king of asia icq 489137161
  5. <freeman2012

    freeman2012 Новичок

    But its mentioned on the rules that having clone accounts is not allowed, on top of that you always say "Someone legit has no reason to have more than one account on the forum", what happened to that?