BLACK LIST [en] escort, Ripper (brutus) (574867515), escort in BLACK LIST [en]" /> BLACK LIST [en] escort, Ripper (brutus) (574867515), escort in BLACK LIST [en]"> BLACK LIST [en], Ripper (brutus) (574867515)">
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Ripper (brutus) (574867515)

Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем outlawboss, .

  1. outlawboss

    outlawboss New Member

    Another new ripper.. he ripped me for 200$ for uk 201+pin
    here some of chat log...

    Dumps™ ‎(5:03 PM):
    i will pay u wmz bro
    brutus ‎(5:04 PM):
    take only this one now, because i have no guarantee for the others i have, i took from each morethan 500 , but dumps are still good, maybe wait 1-2 days so i get fresh and untouched
    Dumps™ ‎(5:07 PM):
    ok bro
    Dumps™ ‎(5:07 PM):
    give me ur purse to send u wmz
    brutus ‎(5:07 PM):
    sec pls
    Dumps™ ‎(5:07 PM):
    ok bro
    brutus ‎(5:08 PM):
    Z341548620881 memo : for design
    Dumps™ ‎(5:11 PM):
    paid bro
    brutus ‎(5:11 PM):
    ok bro, hold onpls
    Dumps™ ‎(5:11 PM):
    brutus ‎(5:14 PM):
    2min bro, i saved on memory card
    brutus ‎(5:14 PM):
    Dumps™ ‎(5:14 PM):
    Dumps™ ‎(9:03 PM):
    thanks for the ripp bro
    Dumps™ ‎(9:03 PM):