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Ripper $tifler

Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем PCQM112, .

  1. PCQM112

    PCQM112 New Member


    Bought one MP code for 120$ which was good, then got ripped for 240$. Didn't replied for almost to days, but online almost all the time.

    (10:25:19 AM) Blaster mp: yes
    (10:25:29 AM) PCQM112: need mp
    (10:25:35 AM) Blaster mp: how amny
    (10:25:42 AM) PCQM112: 800
    (10:26:19 AM) Blaster mp: 60%
    (10:29:36 AM) PCQM112: ok lets do in 2 transfers ok?
    (10:29:47 AM) Blaster mp: what?
    (10:30:11 AM) PCQM112: i buy 2 codes when receive buy another 2
    (10:30:18 AM) PCQM112: lr?
    (10:31:04 AM) Blaster mp: U2332862
    (10:36:02 AM) PCQM112: sent
    (10:36:03 AM) PCQM112: 117568337
    (10:36:16 AM) Blaster mp: ok
    (10:36:18 AM) Blaster mp: sec
    (10:36:25 AM) Blaster mp: 64389609969895
    (10:36:29 AM) Blaster mp: 92873458786383
    (10:39:26 AM) PCQM112: wtf?
    (10:39:27 AM) PCQM112: The MoneyPak number you entered has a $0 balance. Please return with an unused MoneyPak number and try again.
    (10:39:35 AM) Blaster mp: h,,
    (10:39:36 AM) Blaster mp: hmm
    (10:39:43 AM) Blaster mp: no problem
    (10:39:47 AM) Blaster mp: valid 80%
    (10:42:21 AM) PCQM112: second is invalid ass well
    (10:42:51 AM) PCQM112: why dont you reload my cc yourself?
    (10:45:56 AM) PCQM112: where are you man?
    (11:01:58 AM) PCQM112: wtf u just going to ingnore my now? :D
    (11:31:03 AM) PCQM112: u have until is up again tu refund or give valid codes or you get rip report

    Looks similar to this ripper
    At first gives good code to get trust or accept escrow. Then bought for bigger amount and forum was down decided to rip. Dind't replied to ICQ or PM but still UPing his thread beaware