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Selling Card/PP/etc to LR Laundering Method - Details Inside

Тема в разделе "Lung.space - Теневой рынок", создана пользователем Zero, .

  1. Zero

    Zero Новичок

    Hey, everyone. I will now be selling my method for making LR money out of a card, PP, etc. I am one of the two creators of this method, so I DO have the rights to sell this. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post in this thread.

    I am not "Verified" as far as the yellow name goes, but my partner and I were both Trusted on GhostMarket, and both had several vouches from Trusted members, as well as 2 out of the 3 Special members.

    Basically, I'm selling a private card->LR laundering method, most likely to a maximum of 10 TRUSTED ONLY people.
    From my experience, you can make up to around $200 LR per card (if it's a good card).


    If requested, I will let an Administrator know the method to confirm it.

    Price is $50 LR.

    Proof of money made from this (my partner has been in charge of the LR stuff up until now. Now, we will be using mine until he is back. (His laptop died on him.)) The screenshot is old, as he still hasn't gotten a new computer.

    As posted above, if you have any questions regarding buying this method, or simply needing a question about this, answered, please PM me or post in this thread (I will only answer serious questions via PM, and I would prefer it if you posted an ICQ or MSN in the thread, or if you PMed it to me, as I'd rather talk on IM than through the forums).
  2. Инфо.Бот

    Инфо.Бот Администратор

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