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the new guy:M1crochipz looking for Vouchers

Тема в разделе "Free Registration (with 2 Vouchers)", создана пользователем M1crochipz, .

  1. M1crochipz

    M1crochipz New Member

    hello everyone allow me to introduced myself, M1crochipz.
    Im about buisiness,i am man of his word just trying to put food on the table like most of us people in this forum yhea i aint going to lie im new in this game but i think that i will get use to it and learn more in the progress. Im a very loyal person when it comes to partnership, but right now i really need vouchers to activate my account on this forum. If you can help me out with that it will be very appriciated :) ! 1
  2. rbcto

    rbcto Новичок

    Welcome microchip)
  3. M1crochipz

    M1crochipz New Member

    thnx :)