BLACK LIST [en] escort, Vilya / ripper $360, escort in BLACK LIST [en]" /> BLACK LIST [en] escort, Vilya / ripper $360, escort in BLACK LIST [en]"> BLACK LIST [en], Vilya / ripper $360">
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Vilya / ripper $360

Тема в разделе "<font color="red">BLACK LIST [en]</font>", создана пользователем jimjim, 6 ноя 2012.

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  1. <j

    jimjim Active Member




    This ripper cashed $800 successfully from my cc and was to give me $360 as my share but he hasn't.

    Below are the logs

    Me:*Received?*i here*a u heere?


    Me:*Have u started depositing? Yep

    Me: ok

    Me:*How much hav u deposited? 800usd

    Me:*ok , should i send more cc?

    Me:*Can u cash 2 at the same time?*Hmmm ... let a little later ... after a few days .. since I'm working on this card ... and there's still the case in real life ... to the same bit of finalizing a scheme for the conclusion ... I'll re-sent authorization ... but again, you're offline do u have only cc or something more?

    Me: just cc for now*if u have neteller, skrill i think about cash from this system

    Me:*So u said cashout should take like 2 days right? So can i get my share in lr 2morrow?*:) i sad next) (21:18:16 15/07/2012)
    How many days to cashout?

    * (21:18:32 15/07/2012)
    And how much can u cashout from one cc?

    *(21:18:40 15/07/2012)
    about 3-7 days

    *(21:19:27 15/07/2012)
    2-4 days to discharge and 2-3 days for cash out u a very quckly)

    Me: ok*let's wait a few days ... because has recently been a break ... so I can not tell you 2-3 days to cash the money ... so I can not now withdraw large sums of money for a couple of days ... let's wait a bit ... and then we will decide ... I go sleep good luck

    Me:*But u have done this in the past successfully right? yeah

    Me:*How much did you totally deposit? 800 usd

    Me:*U have icq?*75477777

    Me:*And by 2morrow i get my share? ok

    Me: you are offline on icq*now I will come

    Me and this ripper's conversation on icq

    Quadro:*fuck ... is throwing so much on the forum .... I do not know who to believe now
    bitch ... just lost $ 120

    Quadro :I brought that part ... you have to pay you ... money on the web ... you want to translate ... and now I threw my

    Me:*You are suppose to send $360 lr

    Quadro:*i know

    Me:*While you are waiting for exchanger, can u cashout another cc now?

    Me:*Should i paste another one now?

    Quadro:*no....i'm sorry...not now

    Me: ok

    Quadro:*I will try to convert you today ... 240 and later 120 ... ok?

    Me:*But the 120 should be paid like tomorrow or next tomorrow

    Quadro:*I do not like trick people ... but to sum up on the forum ... as you can see a lot of throw .. and I find it difficult to work in such conditions


    Quadro:*u have cc with balance...are u sell them?*

    Me:*u have cc with balance...are u sell them? , only for cashout

    Quadro:*are u have cc with enroll?

    Me: ok

    Quadro:*mmm...all of your cards has good balance or some of them invalid?

    Me:*All valid

    Quadro:*do u have cc always&


    Quadro: 7

    Me:*Yes i have valid cc always

    Quadro:*well ... I'll decide my problem ... I turn to you to cash out cc

    Me:**What is 7?


    Quadro:*just without shifT)

    4 days after

    Me:*Man if I don't get my $360 liberty reserve today, I will open ripper thread on you and post logs!!*

    Quadro: Hi

    Quadro :*Hi ... I have thrown $ 500 ... first on the 120 ... and then another 400 ... now collecting money for you ... but can not pay ... because they do not find this amount ... so sorry ... but now I can not give ... if you write threw ... ok ... I understand you ... but I threw the same participants in the forum ... as I do

    Me:*So how much do u have now ??

    Quadro:*I am now at the zeros ...

    Next 3 days

    Me: ?

    Me:*Ok send the $360 to my lr account

    Me:*shouldn't be more than a week or i open ripper thread

    Quadro:*in 1 week i don't earn this money...sorry

    A month after

    Me: so?

    Quadro:*hi jim i'm scheme died ... plus I threw for 500 bucks ... I'm sorry ... I'm ashamed ... not even know what to say

    Me:*So when do i get paid?

    Me:**Because now i think u are a liar and a ripper!

    Me:*I gave you over one month grace and all you keep saying are dumb escuses all the time

    Me:*Today is the final day! If I don't get my money today, I will open blacklist ripper thread and post all the logs!!

    I have not received the $360, this ripper owes me
    Последнее редактирование: 14 ноя 2012
  2. <xA! | Kill yourself

    xA! | Kill yourself Новичок

    jimjim next time report yours blacklist in english section!
  3. <j

    jimjim Active Member

    This ripper hasn't still payed me the $360 he owes me
  4. <j

    jimjim Active Member

    Ripper still hasn't paid me nothing
  5. <Lung

    Lung Администратор

    Maybe you should finally read blacklist reporting rules and make that thread according to them?

    You didnt explained anything, put there just bunch of log waiting from me spend my own time to understand nature of the deal in order to help you?
  6. <j

    jimjim Active Member

    Edited first post ....explained what happened
  7. <Lung

    Lung Администратор

    48hrs to solve the issue.
  8. <j

    jimjim Active Member

    48 hours passed , he still hasn't payed or tried to resolve
  9. <j

    jimjim Active Member

    Nothing payed yet
  10. <Lung

    Lung Администратор


    Ripper group assigned to your account.
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